How Russian-speaking analytics estimate their salary rate

There are wide disparities in salary rates among IT specialists. This can be explained by a variety of factors: hard and soft skills of a certain person, their position in the company, location of the said company, etc. We questioned data analytics from Russia and other countries using social networks and then visualized the information obtained in Power BI, which enabled us to discover relevant data and make consequent conclusions.

In this article we focus on data visualization and results interpretation, without the details of relevant statistical calculations. …

The two aren’t inherently at odds with another. In the best visualizations, they work in concert.

Design thinking is generally considered a creative process. In the process of creating and designing a visualization, it is necessary to keep the mainline, important accents of the source data, and not to lose important analytical nuances in pursuit of a beautiful widget.

I would like to explore an example of a beautiful visualization and a boring text report, and examine some of the tradeoffs between clarity and style.

There is an abundance of research showing that New Zealand is moving ever closer to a “cashless” society. Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) decided to explore the role that cash plays…

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What should your child learn today in order not to lose a job in the future?

What did you want to do for a living when you were a child? To be an astronaut? Or a teacher? Maybe a doctor?
I thought I should graduate from an economic university. There was a good reason. In those days economists, financiers or accountants were respected, well-paid specialists. It could guarantee me a profitable and stable job. Today it’s not enough. How can you choose today what will be in high demand in the future?
A big agency, McKinsey, has made a survey and analyzed work activities for more than 800 occupations in detail. They researched many areas across the economy…

Examining a visualization of safety at Ivy League Universities to find the balance between design and analysis

The golden ratio is originally a mathematical term. But art, architecture, and design are inconceivable without this math. Everyone aspires to golden proportions as beautiful and unattainable perfection. By visualizing data, we challenge ourselves to strike a balance between design and analysis; finding a similar harmony in the visual perception of a graph much like the harmony of the golden ratio in the world around us. How do we bring numbers and dry logical conclusions to life? How do we get them to tell a fascinating story without losing its meaning? Perhaps we can consider this the “new” Golden Ratio.

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Labor productivity is considered one of the most important indicators of a country’s well-being. However, we don’t know so much about it, let’s try to figure out how it is calculated, and how things are with it in the world (data source: Total Economy Database).

source: Natalia Kiseleva via Analyst’s comics (CC BY-NC-ND)

What skills are required from an analyst when building a data-driven system?

Managing a business by KPIs, making decisions based on operational data and forecasts, finding business insights with the help of artificial intelligence is a dream every manager and business owner has. However, building such a system is not easy — there’s an entire zoo of IT services, and each requires support. In the end, everything comes down to people, those data analysts who know how to ‘communicate with machines’ and translate the results of their work into the language of business.

The process of turning big data into business solutions, an information product, consists of several stages and requires the…

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